Project summary

The aim was to give BME older people an opportunity to celebrate and showcase different traditional outfits from different ethnic background, using digital photography. The day event was publicised to invite older BME people within Cardiff communities to come along dressed with their traditional dress to mingle, learn about other cultures and about digital photography. Participants were engaged and shown how to take portrait photos. The collection of pictures taken was made available to all participants after the event.

Our approach

We had a one day event, inviting people in communities to come and learn more photography and have an experience of it themselves through family portraits with professional photographers. The event was promoted on radio, with partners and through the community. We showcased exhibitions of self portraits of community people all around the venue for the event, allowing them to see the impact and benefits of them. Volunteers were giving a tour of the exhibitions to people interested and opportunities were provided to participants to learn more about photography.

Our achievement

We had lots of BME families attend and thoroughly enjoyed the event. The experience allowed majority understand the importance of photography as a form of art, but also used as a medium of telling and sharing stories that are important to them.