Project summary

The Voice project aims was to provide young Black, Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) people living in deprived communities of Cardiff the opportunity to take part and develop skills in media communications and performance arts. The young people were taught by industry professionals and given the chance to explore, express, have fun and learn new skills. The learning involved communications skills required for presenting, planning involved in music production, interviewing and writing skills in journalism, creative writing skills for drama and acting skills to help bring a script to life. Afterwards an opportunities will be given to develop a mini project or make a small film hilighting local issues or personal stories important to them

Our approach

We approach the delivery of the project with certain key impacts in mind;
• Outreach and engagement
• Creative and performing arts experience
• Volunteering opportunities
• Community cohesion
• New skills and experience in presenting, public speaking, research, production
• Confidence building
We collaborated with Radio Cardiff to deliver sessions to teenage youths every Tuesday evening , receiving training to improve their communication skills, planning,music production, skills for journalism, creative writing and was to know about radio presenting. After their training was completed, the youths were able to engage in live presenting and present on youth beat shows .

Our achievement

The youths that engaged in the project expressed their opinions through questionnaire evaluations and verbal feedback. It was clear from the information gathered that the voice project had significantly improved the youths self confidence, communication skills, organisational skills, creative skills, story telling skills and project planning skills.