Project summary

The aim of this mini project was to help young BME individuals between the ages of 16 - 21years prepare for the world for the world of work. By educating and preparing them to being more responsible, productivity and improve their chances of getting into their preferred choice of work. Delivering workshops that spoke about how to map a plan for your career, managing own money, developing work experience,
finding reference, employment, writing personal statements, and developing good work ethics.

Our approach

We approached the local schools and youth centres within the area and invited them to a series of informal workshops, talking about their plans for the future. We also invited BME professionals to the workshops creating the space for dialogues and discussions sharing their experience to help mentor the young people. We delivered workshops talking about career planning, managing own money, developing work experience, writing personal statements & CV's, interview skills and goal setting.

Our achievement

We successfully where able to deliver 6 workshops to over 40 BME youths within the community area of Bute town, helping them understand the importance of planning when it comes to their future aspirations.

Project Feedback