Project summary

This project was piloted for a year with the aim of addressing a pressing need to help BME families within the Cardiff community deal with challenges of modern day parenting of teenagers. The focus was to help increase and strengthen parents ability to dealing with challenges, conflicts, and developmental issues. By building their confidence through one to one parental support, improved learning through parental coaching workshops, learning positive parenting techniques, self – discipline techniques and understanding the valve of spending quality time with each other. To help develop a close and warm relationship between them and their children.

Our approach

Our approach was to train some volunteer members of our organisation on positive parenting and anger management to help support parents one to one and through parental coaching workshops . We also scheduled interactive activities with local partners to help develop and improve quality time. We had two of our volunteers trained up and combined the knowledge gathered from engaging with the different communities, to create a tailored one to one support and parental coaching training program. BME Parents who utilised the one to one support or attended the workshops, were also invited to take part of the interactive activities. The activities were delivered through our partners with activities like bowling, baking and cooking, cycling, community cinema sessions and physical activity sessions.

Our achievement

Based on feedback collected from all activities within the project, we were able to measure the impact of the piloted project. The combination of the one to one support , parental workshops and interactive activities provided helped majority of the families that engaged within the project. Although the project was limited to working with a small fraction of the BME families within the whole of Cardiff the results showed that participants who attended, found the whole project extremely useful and communicated the enormous value of the holistic support provided within the project.

Project Feedback